Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Photography School

I know you think I have dropped off the planet, but I assure you I am still here. I've just been wading through my own stomach bug, Garrett's stomach bug (which continues) and a visit from my Mama. Not to mention, a kitchen remodel in the works (more on that later).
So, my friend E.A. and I have been taking some photography classes together recently. My head was spinning last week with ISO, aperature, shutter speed, depth of field, f-stops...I've decided that photography is art for scientists! Anyway, with the nice weather we've had, I decided to try out some of my new-found knowledge. Here we go:
These photos were taken using my aperature priority mode with a very low ISO. Notice the blurry background which nicely focuses on the subject.

This photo was taken using my macro setting with an ISO of 200. Who doesn't love little baby toes in the grass?

This photo, again, was taken using my aperature priority at an ISO of 200.

I liked this one so much that it quickly became this:


Erin said...

Very nice! I can tell your new skills are at work!
I had every intention of doing the same this weekend, but we were hit with the bug, too. Maybe next weekend.

Alli said...

I love the way you do color on B&W. I wish I was savvy enough to figure out how to work my photo program to do that! You're a perfect candidate for photo school :) Nice pics.

Robyn said...

Very impressive! I'd love to get better at photography myself. I'll add that to my wish list. Hope everyone is feeling better. Tell Garrett we missed him this week.