Thursday, February 26, 2009

My husband will kill me for this, but I just GOTTA post it!

Have you ever went to get into your car and realized that there was chocolate melted in the seat?  

Then you wonder, 'what if I have chocolate on my pants now that inevitably looks like poo?'  

What do you do when there is no one around and you need to be sure before you go to class that night?

Well, my husband has the answer:  you use your Blackberry to take a picture of your rear and the possible area of the chocoate stain and send it to your wife who, despite your pleading not to post it, WILL post it for all 10 of you who read this!

That's just funny, people!

And, yes, there was a chocolate stain!


Erin said...

Now THAT is hilarious!
Way to be creative with your resources, Randy!

Sumer said...

I concur, that is hilarious!

Robyn said...

TOO funny!! I never would expected this out of Randy!

Shelley said...

That is great!

Me said...

That was creative and hilarious. I'm so glad you posted. I hope you cooked him a good dinner after posting though!