Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Worthless Wuthering Wednesday

So a few weeks ago I started reading "Wuthering Heights" which has been dubbed "the greatest novel of all time" by someone who apparently knows about these things. Obviously, no one asked me. Let me tell you: for it to take me 2 weeks to read 1 book is really saying something.

The bottom line: Don't bother with this one; don't even worry with the movie.

It is not the terse language or difficult dialect that I struggled so much with, but the characters themselves have no redeeming qualities to speak of! I cannot say 1 nice thing about Miss Cathy or her beloved Heathcliff or any of their amazingly dysfunctional families.

Ms. Emily Bronte, on the other hand, was apparently living vicariously through this novel. The daughter of a preacher who herself was reclusive and died at a young age! Get out of the house, people! Don't write crazy things about ghosts and evil people--I don't care how passionate they are about each other! GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, EMILY!

Again: Don't bother with this one; don't even worry with the movie!


Erin said...

Alrighty then! I'll cross that off my list! It never really was on it, but good to know I'm not missing out! I guess you'll be going back to less "classic" stuff?

Alli said...

WH never was my favorite. Try some Jane Austen--still classic and laughs abound on every page. Any of them will do, and the movies are good too.

Samantha said...

Wow! You had me, seriously, considering reading it myself, after reading the blog about the book store trip!