Thursday, February 19, 2009

"I said NO!"

Why is it that our children will inevitably pick up our worst habits and phrases and even use them against us?

Apparently, this phrase is what I must say to our dog all the time, because Garrett has chosen to say it to her all day. Every time Bailey comes by I hear, "I said NO" from Garrett, who is otherwise speech-delayed, for all intents and purposes.

Earlier in the week, after a run-in with an unsavory woman at the local McDonalds, Garrett said, "Mommy.....upset?" "Yes, Garrett, Mommy IS upset!"

Randy is convinced that Garrett will be one who can worm his way out of trouble with his hugs and kisses. After he wakes up or when its been a while since I've seen him, he says, "Mommy...missed you!" as he squeezes my face next to his.

Next week, I'll teach him, "You are going to make Mommy crazy today!"

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Alli said...

That is too funny. Guess you should be careful what you say, right? Garrett is not delayed in speech--I just think he isn't going to be a big talker. But, he's good at recognizing others' feelings (asking you if you are upset), and he likes to dole out hugs to make people happy. Plus, I saw the video you posted for Randy while he was at school--Garrett talks! He's cutey-pie. No need for words with a grin like that.