Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back to School

Today, Garrett and Charlotte went back to school! Its crazy--its barely August!
They were so excited about going back--both for different reasons, of course!

Charlotte was excited about the new lunchbox and backpack and a new teacher! She wanted to see all her friends from last year! She was a little disappointed that there were no dress up clothes, though!

Garrett was also excited about a new backpack and lunchbox, but didn't care one thing about seeing old friends! He has the same teacher again, and said he was going to be her "helper" this year, since he had been in her class before!
In all, I think it was a great day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stamps are only for paper!

"We only use stamps on paper!"

This has been hounded into my kids ever since I found them once with stamps all over their faces and arms.

Apparently, I should be more specific!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Diggin' for Dinner

We dug up our dinner, so to speak, from our garden! This is the second meal we have gotten from it.

Garrett and Charltote were very careful to select only the beans that were "ready!"

Here are red potatoes from our potato pots!

Yes, Charlotte is wearing high-heeled princess shoes!
Only a real woman can dig potatoes in her heels!

Our bounty!

We came up with red potatoes, 2 crooked-neck squash, green beans, rosemary and basil! Yummo!

Now, I know that I could have steamed or grilled those beautiful squash, but why would I do that when I can fry them!

And here are some of our red potatoes and herbs, before and after!

Every time I fry squash, my house smells like a little country Granny's house!

Nothin' wrong with that!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nothing like a prehistoric creature to get the creative juices flowing!

Monday, Garrett found this prehistoric-looking bug at Ms. Nikki's house. He was not 1 bit afraid to pick it up! And as you know of our obsession with Blue Coast, I had one of their cups on hand! (We really should buy stock in that company!)

Ms. Nikki informed us that it was a rhinoceros bug!

He loves to gross me out with his creatures!

Even this Beauty had to get in the shot! I swear, this girl doesn't take a bad photo (even with a nasty bug!)!

Garrett just had to write Daddy a note to be sure he saw the bug as soon as he got home! I was just impressed that he wanted to do some writing! I told him how to spell each word and he wrote them all (except "rhinoceros").

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Princess Birthday Party

Let me first say that none of these photos are edited (as evidenced by the ironing board in the background!) I've almost waited too long to post these, so I needed to get it up here in a hurry!

Well, as you know Charlotte and I share a birthday. She turned 3 and I turned...well...that's not important!

Here is our evening out to Blue Coast (at her request) and her most favorite birthday present: a Princess Aurora dress!

These are from Charlotte's birthday party, where our Indiana family came to visit!

She loves Uncle Jarsy, but doesn't like it when he gets her nose!

Here are all the little princesses!

And one unhappy prince! As the girls arrived, he said, "More girls?"

We decorated some tiara cookies!

Opened some presents!

And had 3 outfit changes!

I asked Charlotte if she had a fun party and she said,

"I DID!"

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I have a feeling this is only the beginning!

I had to work a few Sundays back, so Randy took the kids to church. When I got home, Garrett said to me:

G: Mommy, I met a new girl at church.
Me: Really?
G: Yes, she had blonde hair and blue eyes and she was different from all the other girls.
Me: Hmmm...
G: I held her hand in Pastor Joey's class.
Me: REALLY? What's her name?
G: I don't remember. I'll ask her next time.

So a week passed, and this Sunday he said to me.

G: I found out my friend's name. Its Mary Magdalene.
Me: Are you sure? Her name can't be Mary Magdalene. People don't name their kids Mary Magdalene.
G: I'm sure that her name is Mary Magdalene, and she's pretty like you.

Later that day, he said:

G: Can you give me some work so I can make money?
Me: Sure, you can help me fold the laundry. What do you want to make money for?
G: For the zoo. I want to take Mary Magdalene.

So, now Garrett has been working around the house, saving money for his first date with Mary Magdalene at the zoo!

Now, we only need to find out who Mary Magdalene really is so we can ask her to the zoo!

He's a riot! The fun never stops!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Run For My Son UPDATE!!

UPDATE! We are moving the run to October 8, pending final approval from Parks and Rec Dept. because of a conflict with another run!!

We are planning a 5K and 1 mile fun run/walk on October 8 to raise money for PPMD (Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy), who contributes a large amount of money to research for Duchennne's Muscular Dystrophy, the type of MD Garrett has. So mark your calendars!

Many of you have asked in the past how you can help us. Well, here you go! I'm going to need some volunteers to help us put this thing on. These are the roles I need filled:

  • Donations (going to local stores/restaurants), or if you or someone you know has a company willing to donate money or other items

  • Pre-Registration Table

  • Registration Table

  • Start

  • Finish

  • Course Turns

  • Aid Stations on Course

  • Equipment Setup

  • Mile Markers On Course and Aid Station Set-up On Course

  • Finish and Start Area Set-up

  • Awards

  • Clean-up

We will need several people for each category. If you have race experience (either running or setting it up), or have a willing heart, we need you, your church group, your running group, your school class...

Also, while this race will be listed in the Run For Our Sons group through PPMD, we will be naming it in honor of Garrett. So, I need some creative name ideas for the race!

If you are willing to help or have a creative race name for us, please email me or leave a comment with your contact info: ambersapp81@hotmail.com


OCTOBER 8, 2011