Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I have a feeling this is only the beginning!

I had to work a few Sundays back, so Randy took the kids to church. When I got home, Garrett said to me:

G: Mommy, I met a new girl at church.
Me: Really?
G: Yes, she had blonde hair and blue eyes and she was different from all the other girls.
Me: Hmmm...
G: I held her hand in Pastor Joey's class.
Me: REALLY? What's her name?
G: I don't remember. I'll ask her next time.

So a week passed, and this Sunday he said to me.

G: I found out my friend's name. Its Mary Magdalene.
Me: Are you sure? Her name can't be Mary Magdalene. People don't name their kids Mary Magdalene.
G: I'm sure that her name is Mary Magdalene, and she's pretty like you.

Later that day, he said:

G: Can you give me some work so I can make money?
Me: Sure, you can help me fold the laundry. What do you want to make money for?
G: For the zoo. I want to take Mary Magdalene.

So, now Garrett has been working around the house, saving money for his first date with Mary Magdalene at the zoo!

Now, we only need to find out who Mary Magdalene really is so we can ask her to the zoo!

He's a riot! The fun never stops!