Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Princess Birthday Party

Let me first say that none of these photos are edited (as evidenced by the ironing board in the background!) I've almost waited too long to post these, so I needed to get it up here in a hurry!

Well, as you know Charlotte and I share a birthday. She turned 3 and I turned...well...that's not important!

Here is our evening out to Blue Coast (at her request) and her most favorite birthday present: a Princess Aurora dress!

These are from Charlotte's birthday party, where our Indiana family came to visit!

She loves Uncle Jarsy, but doesn't like it when he gets her nose!

Here are all the little princesses!

And one unhappy prince! As the girls arrived, he said, "More girls?"

We decorated some tiara cookies!

Opened some presents!

And had 3 outfit changes!

I asked Charlotte if she had a fun party and she said,

"I DID!"