Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back to School

Today, Garrett and Charlotte went back to school! Its crazy--its barely August!
They were so excited about going back--both for different reasons, of course!

Charlotte was excited about the new lunchbox and backpack and a new teacher! She wanted to see all her friends from last year! She was a little disappointed that there were no dress up clothes, though!

Garrett was also excited about a new backpack and lunchbox, but didn't care one thing about seeing old friends! He has the same teacher again, and said he was going to be her "helper" this year, since he had been in her class before!
In all, I think it was a great day!


mama said...

I was so glad to see oictures of my babies best looking ones there

Anonymous said...

Such a difference in Garrett's picture from last year. Hugging that tree last year because he didn't want to go into that mean old school. Hahaha What a difference only one short year makes. Charlotte is always beautiful no matter how dress up or down she is. Nana loves those babies.

Nanaw Noble said...

Such Sweethearts!

Zuza Sypniewska said...

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