Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Diary of a potty-training white boy


6:00am: My mom says that today I'm a big boy and will start pee peeing in the potty. Apparently, I should keep my Lightening McQueen underwear "dry", whatever that means. So, here I sit on the potty--for 20 minutes. Nothing happens.

6:10: I'm watching my favorite movie, Dinosaur, when it happens! Suddenly, my Lightening McQueen underwear are wet and there is pee running down my legs and onto the carpet. I yell, "Wet, Wet," (OK, so I get that part now). Its really sort of funny the way my mom runs when I yell that! She starts taking my clothes off and scrubbing the floor. Its great! I'll try this again later! I even get a different pair of cool underwear!

6:45: On the potty again, nothing happens but a lot of "make the pee pee come out" comments.

7:00: (Watch this...) "Wet, wet!" Here she comes running again--more cool underwear! Mom seems very frustrated right now; maybe I should cool it on this peeing in my pants thing.

Thirty minute increments all day involve sitting on the potty!

9:00: Success! I peed in the potty, and I got Skittles! This is a pretty good deal!

9:30: Didn't quite make it--got a little on my underwear; got a new pair though!

10:00: More sitting

11:00: More sitting, but this time, I peed again! I'm getting the hang of this!

No more accidents for the rest of the day! It was a lot of hard work, but I got a lot of Skittles for it! In all, I pee peed in the potty 7 times. No poo poo yet! Once, I even went in the bathroom all by myself and pulled my underwear down and peed! I didn't even need help!

Similar to yesterday, only a few accidents. I pooped in my big boy underwear and that involved many comments of "gross," "stinky," and something about not doing that anymore...I'm not sure. I just liked to watch it go down the toilet when I flushed it! I had a dry pull-up at naptime, too! Since I really like Skittles, I though I could pull a fast one on my mom. I sat on the potty and tooted and said, "I pooped! Skittles?" Mom wasn't convinced--got no Skittles for that one.

Dry pull-up this morning, and only 1 accident in my big boy underwear! As of yet, there is no poo poo, but mom makes me sit on the potty a long time after I eat. I mainly just like the attention I get during the whole charade! My sister has to play by herself or sit in the pack 'n' play while I get Skittles, read books, and get hugs when I pee! Good deal, huh? I think my mom is getting stir-crazy, though. We haven't left the house in days! Maybe if I keep remembering to pee in the potty we can go buy some groceries--I'm so sick of frozen vegetables!

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Erin said...

Oh, the drama! Sounds like there's steady improvement, though! Good for you, Garrett! Keep it up and hang in there, Momma!