Friday, March 13, 2009

Remodel in the Making

Most of you know that I live in this great old house off the town square (circa 1900). I use the word "great" loosely! There are certain things that I absolutely love about this house---the original hardwood floors, huge ceilings, pocket doors, huge dining room; and there are things that make me want to lash out irrationally on a daily basis: tiny out-of-date bathrooms, out-of-date kitchen, TINY master bedroom, bedroom #3 has no closet.....I could go on.

Well, thanks to Uncle Sam, we recently got our tax return back and devoted a big chunk to the kitchen remodel. That includes new countertops, new stovetop, new stove vent, a backsplash, new knobs, new sink and new faucet fixtures! I am in heaven!!! Since moving in, Randy has painted the cabinets white and we've added a black fridge (thanks to my folks who upgraded to stainless steel!) On top of that, Randy has some good connections to lower our costs on the rest.

So, here is some of the construction underway:

Here are the new countertops and SMOOTH cook-top!

And the new sink and faucet! We are still waiting for the tile backsplash to go in (you know those constructions guys--they are never there when they say they will be!), and Randy will be installing my hood-vent thingy this weekend (hint, hint!). We were also blessed to have been given a counter/cabinet/sink/faucet combo dealy for our guest bathroom that we will install later (as soon as we can get rid of our 1970s tile wall and floor) and a pedestal sink for the TINY master bath (which will make it feel much larger).

I am so excited about these projects that have been mulling around in my mind for some time. You can come check it out soon...I'll let you know when its all done! My goal is for Charlotte's birthday party, May 30, so save the date!!!


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Alli said...

Speechless. It's beautiful! Yay Amber--I bet you want to spend all of your time cooking now :) Can't wait to see the final pictures--with vent and tile. It'll look like a Southern Living!

Erin said...

It looks great! Love the sleek look along with the countertops.

So who's your 1234 friend? ;)