Thursday, March 12, 2009

1.) Open mouth. 2.) Insert Foot.

I went to north Nashville yesterday to pick up a hood vent to go over our new stove for our kitchen remodeling project (again, more on that later). Randy is blessed to be in an industry that has certain perks when it comes to getting discounts on things like appliances, countertops and such. That is why I had to drive so far to pick it up.

When someone is doing you a favor, you want to be really nice to them and let them know how much you appreciate what they have done by saying nice things, dressing your kids nicely, and reminding said kids to use their good manners before you go in the door. No one remembered to remind ME to say nice things and use my good manners this day!

The man I talked to was being nice to Garrett and making conversation while we waited on our parts. He said, "Are you a future member of the Pipe Fitters Association of America?" (We were at a plumbing supply store of sorts) Of course, Garrett had no idea what this man was talking about so I chimed in with this zinger: "No, sir. He is going to go to college when he gets bigger!" in my most proud mommy voice. To which the kind man replied, "Well, I went to college and got a degree too; guess what I am?"

You guessed it.....

A member of the Pipe Fitters Association of America!


Alli said...

Ouch. I feel your pain because I tend to open mouth and insert foot all the time. If I could get paid on that, I'd be quite wealthy.

Can I put in a request for you to get on with this remodeling post? I want to see, even if it's a mess right now! That's what makes the final project so much nicer :)

Me said...

Ouch!!! That post was as painful to read as The Office is to watch.