Friday, January 16, 2009

"You can call me Chuck"

I have seen Dr. Moss so much this year, we are on a first name basis!

This afternoon, we are on our way for yet another visit to BCC for Sappling #2.

Sappling #1's diagnosis is an ear infection, a sinus infection, and a nasty cough which warrents an antibiotic and cough meds.

Sappling #2 now has a runny stuffy nose, a nasty cough, a fever, and a possible ear infection.

I fear that the good folks at Target have forgotten who I am! Its been so long since I've seen them all!

I love winter!


Erin said...

Poor babies. :( I hope they get better soon with the meds.
I have to know, did Dr. M really say you could call him Chuck?! That cracked me up.

Alli said...

Hopefully you'll be back at Target soon. I would hate for them to have withdrawals :)I'm sure life as a shut-in is no fun! Don't envy you...

SumerwiththeoneM said...

That is pitiful...for you and them! Hope they feel better soon, and you get a good break!