Friday, January 30, 2009

This is my soapbox

OK, so you've all heard about the "amazing" woman who gave birth to 8 babies in 5 minutes. Whoop-tee-doo! She had a C-section, for crying out loud. What would you expect?

And other thing, she already had 6 kids? What? Who's taking care of them while she's in the hospital? Oh, yes! They all live with their grandmother. Why, you may ask? There is no father! Did you get that? NO FATHER!

Yes, there it is, folks, 14 children we are paying for--AND its being covered by national news as "amazing," and "wonderful."

Now, I found a nice little calculator online to see how much it costs to take care of 1 child in a single-parent household in the West (the babies were born in CA) and to send 1 child to a public college. This is not buying stylish clothes or cars or cell phones: $187,408! Now, lets multiply that by fourteen--$2,623,712! Two million, six-hundred twenty-three thousand, seven hundred and twelve dollars!

We will pay for all 14 of those babies, in addition to the debt of automakers and national banks!

How is it that we're all OK with this?


Shelley said...

You are sooooo right on! We sure are not okay with it in this house!

Robyn said...

Amen sister!!

Alli said...

I am SO with you. It's ridiculous. I have better use for MY money. Doesn't everybody?