Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I gotta know...

I'm obsessed.

I'm one of those germ freaks when it comes to public places and runny noses and that sort of stuff. I use paper towels to turn the water off and open the door from the public bathroom; oh, and I flush with my foot, too.

I create quite the scene when Garrett has to go in the public bathroom with me, which involves him placing both hands on the cart, or stroller, or my knees and a lot of, "Don't touch anything" comments. I even turn both children's faces away from the toilet when I flush in case there is any "spray" that comes out with the "whoosh."

I normally always use the second stall of the public restroom when available, thinking that most people would use the first. But, it occured to me today: What if everyone else thinks that too? What if I'm using THE MOST CONTAMINATED STALL IN THE WHOLE ROOM?

So, here comes the curiosity: Which stall do you use? I'll be potty-training soon, and gotta know which one to take my son into. Are you a second-stall-user?

On the same note, I bought Garrett a travel potty today to keep in the van (with my free $25 gift card from USA Baby here ). Apparently, my OCD about germs has not rubbed off on him yet because this is what I found this afternoon:

Yes, that's the new travel potty!

So, for those of you who do not understand the concept of leaving a comment, just click on "comments" after this post and share your thoughts with me about your toileting habits!


Kari said...

I, too, am a second stall user. However, I go for the biggest stall they have when bringing kiddos in with me. This gives us room to take care of all necessary things after using the potty and room to get away from it when flushing!

Erin said...

Yes, I agree with Kari. If alone, I use the 2nd stall (the first one always seems to have a bigger gap for others to see in!), but with Morgan and bags, I use the giant stall. I love the places that have a family bathroom (we frequent both family bathrooms at the Tar-jay).
I'm not, however, overly germ conscious. I use my fair share of hand sanitizer, but firmly believe that some germs serve to build up that immune system! After all, we never had Purell growing up!

Jessica said...

See, if I'm by myself I am a first stall user. I read somewhere that it tends to be the cleanest b/c most people go to the 2nd. If I've got the clan with me, it's the family potty or the large stall. They know to put their hands in their pockets the entire time and hold their breath (j/k!). And germs, I need to seek professional help. I freak out over germs. It's gotten worse with each child and I think I may have a serious problem. Prayers are welcome.

Anonymous said...

Amber, I have to give you some comfort I use the 4th stall if the bathroom is big enough to have 4 stalls. I, like you think the first one people see, they'll use. I hope I'm one of the few that think enough to go on down the way to the 4th. :)

Alli said...

I almost never use the first stall--like Erin, I've noticed the first ones usually have big gaps. So, if there are only 2, I am a 2nd stall user. If there are a lot, I start in the middle and look in each one (heading toward the back) to find the "cleanest" one--opening the doors with my elbow or hip (never my hands). You know some people don't even flush? Ewwww. I am part germaphobe, but privacy is first--hence the "gap" part of my process.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I feel I have some how scared you for life. Your Mommy was the same way.