Friday, January 9, 2009

Charlotte's Fashion Show

As promised, this blog is devoted to how cute my kids are. And today's blog is no exception!

Charlotte and Garrett received so many cute new digs for Christmas, that I can't wait to show them all off! Mostly Charlotte, though. Its so much fun to dress up little girls! However, when big brother is a little ham, he will no doubt get his cover shots in as well! Take a look!
She's done this before! Look at that smile! Don't mind the orange nose--she just really likes squash!
Doesn't she look like she should be shopping in Paris?
Daddy seems to think that it is irrational to wear your furry vest in the house, but Mommy knows better!

Oh, yes, and Garrett had to get in on the action with his new Lightening McQueen robe!

Charlotte is wearing an original hairbow designed by Mommy (call for details) as well as a cute little green dress!
"Move over, Brother, this is my show!"
Dazzling in denim!
How sad is it when your 7 month old is better dressed than you?


Alli said...

Oh, I think it's so totally normal for children to be dressed better than the parents. The little clothes are SO cute! Who can resist?

Erin said...

How cute is she?! If we could only train the grandparents to pick out perfectly stylish clothes for us every few months, that would be great, right?