Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What we want for Christmas

Garrett--I asked Garrett today what he wanted Santa to bring him for Christmas. He doesn't fully understand the whole "Santa brings presents" thing yet. But, what Garrett is really into right now, apparently came to mind. He quickly responded with, "Toothpaste!" Which is good news, because Santa filled our stockings early this year, and amazingly enough, remembered toothpaste. So, Garrett should not be disappointed this year--he got all he asked for.

Charlotte--Its hard to say what she wants for Christmas. Just about anything Brother has or does is all right with her! That being said, they will both share a play kitchen this year. Which, I must admit, is much nicer than Mommy's kitchen!

Randy--Daddy, on the other hand, got his present early yesterday morning. Charlotte was sitting on our bed with me when Randy came out of the bathroom. Like on cue, Charlotte said, "Da-Da!" Randy was so excited! (For the record though, she says "Ma-Ma" all the time!)

Me--I would like, more than anything, a date with my husband. I'm talkin' dinner, movie, coffee--the whole nine yards! Other than that, I'm pretty much set! I have beautiful, healthy babies and a wonderful husband (who is on Christmas break--and joyfully working on my honey-do list every night!). How could I possibly ask for anything more?

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Alli said...

Well, since the kiddos are getting what they asked for, and Randy got his "present" early... I think it's only fair that you get your "whole nine yards" date. You can tell Randy I said that :)