Thursday, December 18, 2008

Having 2 Kids Saves You Money

I know that this seems impossible, but let me tell you--its so true!

We have been in the house all week, avoiding the rain and the last minute Christmas shoppers. So today, I decided that I would be a girl-scout and head out into the drizzle with my 2 sweet babies for a little "Mommy-needs-to-shop-at-Target" time. Well, after our first stop at the snack cafe and $2.50 later for nachos and drink, we were off looking for.......? Where is my list? I know I had it, because I was writing it in the van as I drove here. (Don't judge me--I've seen you on your cell phone, too)

No problem. I can wing it! I am after all, a well-educated woman, who happens to have 2 sweet babies with me.

Then the choking began--on nachos, nonetheless. Chips and cheese are flying in all directions, while shouts of "Juice, juice" can be heard aisles away. The incident only lasted a few moments, but the repercussions will last for the next 45 mintes while I attempt to remember what was on my list.

So, Garrett is crying because the incident was somewhat traumatic, and now Charlotte is crying and gnawing at her fingers. My comment of "well if you won't nurse now, I guess you'll be hungry by the time we get home" is now coming back to bite me.

At this point, I remember that I needed tissue paper and toss some onto the cart--I couldn't even pull out my calculator to determine which package's 'cost-per-sheet' was better. No, I had to purchase this package because it now has nacho cheese on it, as does everything within a 5-foot radius of us. Which means that I am now buying the little red and green sacks for treats located next to the tissue paper.

Meanwhile, Charlotte (who is typically a very quiet baby), is crying, "Mama, Mama" while sucking on 3 fingers at a time. She will continue until we leave. All the while strangers are commenting, "Someone isn't happy!" YOU THINK!?

Back to Nacho-Boy.....he has run out of juice and there is cheese all over his shirt--which we all know marks the end of the world, or even worse--my "mommy-needs-to-shop-at-Target-time."

So, we got out of Target for about $10.00--including our nacho lunch!


Erin said...

Nice! But the time away from home was priceless, right?

Tamara said...

Welcome to a day of being a mom. Isn't it wonderful?

Mom Noble said...

I don't have small children at home and I still don't have any idea how my comment (see above comment) says Tamara's name. I want credit for my comment.