Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Things I never would have said 5 years ago...

-We don't kick people in the head

-Vegetables will help you poop

-Mommy doesn't put her spoon in her pocket

-Don't step on your sister

-Pencils do not belong in your nose

-Who pooped?

-Did you put the phone in the trash?

-Say 'excuse me' if you toot-toot

-We don't sit on the dog

-Don't put corn in your ear

-Plates do not belong on our heads

-We can only spit after we brush our teeth

-Don't put your shoes in your mouth

-Don't wipe boogers on Mommy's pants

What have you said lately?

1 comment:

Two Times Two said...

-do you have snot?
-say excuse me please
-we do not talk to mama like that
-do not eat that off the ground!
-do you need to have a talk with Daddy?
-do not kick mama's belly!
gotta love it!