Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This week's poll--Easter baskets

Sunday morning, I was informed by my husband that he put our Easter baskets outside so we wouldn't have to sneek them past the kids. I'm sorry, what???

You put our baskets where? Why?

Apparently, his parents put their Easter baskets outside because "the Easter bunny doesn't come in the house like Santa." He tried to convince me that it was the "southern thing to do" and that my "northern upbringings" wouldn't understand!

Well, I'm a bit of a control freak--maybe you didn't know! So, I marched right outside and brought those baskets in!

Talk to me people who were raised in the south and north alike...where did your Easter baskets go: outside or inside (where they belong--on the table!)


Alli said...

I'm a southern gal--from good southern folk on both sides of my family for several generations. And I'll have you know, Randy Sapp, that we ALWAYS had our Easter baskets inside! Kudos to you Amber--sometimes, you just have to roll your sleeves up and show the boys what's up :)

I never thought about it, though... there are no stories to say whether the Easter Bunny comes down the chimney. My vote is that he has a special key that magically fits every door. I mean what if rodents got into the basket while it was outside!!!

Kari said...

I, too, am a southern gal, and we always had our Easter baskets inside as well. I've never heard of putting them outside.

Nana Noble said...

I am proud to be a Yankee. I say the baskets are to be in the house. Unless of course you like ants with your candy.

Shelley said...

Inside, of course...

Me said...

Well, I always thought I was from the South until I moved here and realized that I'm just a Texas girl...but we keep our baskets in the house. Sorry, Randy!