Thursday, April 16, 2009


So, the kitchen remodel has been completed for a few weeks; however, I've neglected to get back with you on the outcome. (Really, my husband is pushing for this post so you all know that he DID complete the project!)

So, here it is:

This is actually a light that was also given to us by the good folks at Parkside Homes who were tossing it out! We got a lot of stuff that way it seems!

Here is an OSHA violation--Randy standing on the tip-top of the ladder which clearly states not to stand above the step BEFORE the top.

And the completed cabinet after Randy moved it up 6 inches to accommodate for the microwave!

Here is my beautiful tile--thank you to Steven who did a fabulous job! A side note: Garrett informed the tile man, "Don't poop in the bathtub!" Just in case he was thinking about it!

And my 2 best boys, hard at work with their saws!


Alli said...

I LOVE the kitchen! Kudos to Randy (and Garrett)--nice job! The last picture is precious--that one needs to be framed. Garrett looks serious! More serious than Randy :)

Sumer said...

It looks great! I am sure you are so glad that it is done. Tell Randy, good job, from us!