Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Potty Mouth

As you know, we've been potty training Garrett with much success! Since this is now the "big thing" going on in our lives, it seems to be all he wants to talk about; and being a boy, he wants to say some pretty gross things! I had to start writing some of them down because they were just too funny to go to waste!! Here are some of the funny things we've done/discussed lately:

-(as he's grunting) "I'm gonna poop a big fat one"

-"Mommy poke her pee pee in?"

-(after he grunted) "No poop; I just tooted"

-(looking back after he pooped) "That poop look like 2 buffaloes...I poop 2 buffaloes"

-(trying to poke his pee pee in the potty, and failing) "Ohhh...I pee in my eye...ohhh, I pee in my face!"

-"Mommy need poop? No? Just try"

-(as he's grunting) "I squeeze one out"

-(after sitting on the potty for a while) "I need poop book"

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Nana Noble said...

Garrett is such a little man...