Friday, November 28, 2008

A shameless blog to post our new pictures! Oh, yeah, and Thanksgiving!

On this Black Friday, as I fought through the crowds for the savings of a few dollars, I am reminded of the things I am thankful for. Here is the short list:
-Family-dance in the kitchen while Natalie Grant sings "Joy to the World"
-What Garrett would call "wrestling"--but Mommy really knows its just snuggling!

-The ways Charlotte smells after her bath

-Healthy babies
-A husband, who has a heart for God and a longing for wisdom

-The way Garrett calls me "Mommyyy"

-The way Charlotte likes to sleep in Mommy's bed in the mornings

-Dallas Cowboy football with Poppy

-Fried turkey!
-Mama Cook's pumpkin roll, hand-fed by Nana
-Charlotte's first Thanksgiving--and already joining the women for our annual "plan the Black Friday shopping " event
-A man named Sam, who took this amazing picture of my kiddos this week--both looking at the camera with pleasant looks on their faces! Sam deserved a tip!

-A man named Ricky and his pipe snake that saved us a lot of money and kept us from a lot of poo in our house and yard
(Sorry, no photo to insert here!)
-A God Who is such a real part of my life--Who I feel every day, Who always provides, always loves, always forgives, and is always faithful!

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