Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What I learned from my kids today

Today, Charlotte taught me a few things:

1.) How cute she looks in her little khaki dress and pink sweater with the hat that Aunt Alice bought her!

2.) It is really cold in the front seat of the van in the middle of the Sam's parking lot while the cold wind blows on her bare fanny!

3.) She will always pee on her khaki dress, pink sweater, cute tights AND her pink minky-dot blankee when the wind hits her bare fanny!

4.) When brother's diaper is the only one in arms reach in the van when the first one gets soaked, it will be okay for a little girl to wear a big boy diaper!

5.) It doesn't matter how gross and wet the blanket is with pee, she will still have to wear it over her on the way home because it is 40 degrees outside and Mommy didn't plan ahead!

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