Sunday, November 7, 2010


I have a deep relationship with my camera. I've been rough on the old-girl and she has been good to me. A few weeks ago though, my lens started acting up. So, I decided that I was going to look into a getting it fixed or getting a new one. Well, as it turns out, getting a new lens costs as much as getting the old one fixed. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to get a new camera! Why buy a new lens for an old camera when I could get a new camera AND and new lens?

So, I began hunting for a new camera to meet my needs ("wants" is a more appropriate term!) I've done a few small photo shoots lately and wanted to upgrade to something a little nicer. So, Saturday I picked up this baby:

Super fancy, huh? It has a hugo-fat lens on it that covers the same ground my old 1 did plus 60 feet! It has 12.3 MPs and an ISO capability of 100-6400! The lens is 67mm across! It can shoot 6 frames per second and has a 3 inch LCD screen with the new Live View option. It even shoots HD video with sound! Crazy, huh?! This is like car-talk for men! So, I am giddy! I get to use it tomorrow on a photo shoot and am so excited to see how things turn out!

By the way, if you want some family photos done before Christmas and before all these great leaves fall let me know soon. With the cost of this baby, my prices are gonna go up really soon!

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Erin said...

Fun, fun!! I have no idea about car talk, but ISO I get! I can see why you're so giddy! I just sold mine and am buying a friend from church's 2 year old Canon 50D. Can't wait to see your new pictures and videos!