Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Every family has one

I'm feeling a little rough know, sweatshirt-and-Randy's-flannel pants-feeling rough. I had a photo shoot scheduled for this afternoon and I'm glad the rain cancelled!
Charlotte and Garrett pretty much had the run of the house this afternoon. They watched a lot of TV and had a lot of quiet play...a little too quiet!
As you know, Charlotte is my little "tester." This is what I found:
Upon first glance, you might think: "How precious! She's reading God's Word!" Look closer!
Yep, that's marker all over her face.
No pants and a little boogie picking too! Garrett said, "PUT some PANTS on!"
Pair it up with Mom's trouser socks AND striped Hello Kitty socks.
Makes for one cute little stinker!

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