Monday, April 11, 2011

Fort Knox

I've begun gardening this year again. I've learned much from last year's attempts and feel I am going into this gig much wiser than before. I've decided to do a lot of container gardening, with hopes of curtailing weeds and having to do less clearing of land. Here are some White Half Runners in progress.

We have lots of potatoes and cucumbers going, as well.

Are you wondering yet what those mysterious contraptions are atop of the containers? They are not anything fancy, just some chicken wire. The truth is: we have serious squirrel problems. Squirrels and birds, really; but the squirrels make me want to fumigate the trees and destroy them all! They are disguised as furry critters, but in reality, are hairy varmints in close relation with rats. Last year, I enclosed the entire garden with chicken wire, which made it difficult to pull out the weeds. Also, the birds and squirrles somehow managed to get UNDER it and get trapped! This year I've created a bit of a Fort Knox in my back yard!

More red potatoes and Crooked-Neck squash beginning to grow...taunting those nasty squirrels!

I planted these pumpkins Saturday afternoon, and by Sunday morning (before I could get my chicken wire in place) the squirrels had begun to dig it up!

Here, my Papa's deer stands on sentry duty watching over our watermelons (which the squirrels have already dug up once!)

You may think this is funny, but I'm beginning to feel a little like Bill Murray in Caddyshack! All I need is some "fire power and superior intelligence! And that's all she wrote!" (Love that movie!)

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