Thursday, February 3, 2011


My life was filled with "blessings" today! All BEFORE 8am!

  • Thank you God for the ability to rise VERY early this morning and for the kids who got up soon after.
  • Thank you God for P90X, for without it I surely would not have had the strength in my arm with which to spank Garrett for hitting his sister.
  • Thank you God for the cow that produced the LARGE cup of milk that was spilled all over my couch.
  • Thank you God for the laundry detergent with which to wash Charlotte's blankee (that was also covered in milk) BEFORE school so she could take it with her.
  • Thank you God for creating enough cotton for the 3 towels it took to mop up the spilled milk.
  • Thank you God for the sense of smell that will surely kick in once the milk spoils in the cushions.
  • Thank you God for little voices that scream "Mommy" everytime one or the other touches them.
  • Thank you God for ponytail holders so that I can pull up my hair because I didn't have time to dry it for all the "blessings" this morning.
  • Thank you God for plenty of food that we can waste when we decide not to eat.
  • Thank you God for lots of toilet paper so we can throw it on the floor.
  • Thank you God for date night tomorrow night, for without it I would surely lose my mind this week!

1 comment:

Alli said...

The title is so fitting. I had several days like that 2 weeks ago, and it took longer for my "perspective" to kick in. I guess my heart has very bad selective hearing (um, so sorry God!).

Yay date night!!!! ENJOY!