Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A New Tradition

Apparently this book has been around for a while, but its new to our family this year:

We started reading it last night and soon gave our elf a name: Jingle Bell (as dubbed so by Charlotte).

Each night, Jingle Bell flies off to Santa to report on the kids: naughty or nice. In the morning he returns in a new hiding spot where he watches the kiddos throughout the day. Here's where we found him this morning!

Garrett is my critical thinker (I have no idea where he got it!) and he is a little skeptical. Every once in a while when he does something sketchy, I find him peeking over to Jingle Bell! Is he really watching? Just in case, Garrett's not taking any chances!

I've heard these elves tend to be a little mischievous at night, sometimes getting into things they shouldn't! Watching movies with the remote in hand and popcorn spilled on the couch, fishing in the aquarium, baking in the kitchen with flour spilled on the counter!

Where will he end up tomorrow?

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