Thursday, October 7, 2010

Giving the people what they want

Give me a break!

I've been a little busy lately. You know, going to Indiana to pick up my new car (thanks to a generous gift from my uncle!) 2 weekends ago. We had 1 night at home and drove to Ohio for a visit to Garrett's new neurologist for 3 days (which was great, by the way). While there, we saw a cardiologist, a registered dietician, a physical therapist, a neurologist twice, a social worker; had a DEXA scan, had 11 vials of blood taken, had an EKG and an echocardiagram. We also visited 3 museums on our off day!

Once we got home, we had 1 night at home and then went camping with some sweet friends!

I was also asked to write a little something about Garrett for 1 of the local about exhausting. I cried all stinking day trying to write it!

I've made Charlotte a cute outfit in this time, cleaned a disgustingly dirty house since we've been traveling so much, and ordered drugs from Europe!

Whew! It has been a little crazy. (For the record, Garrett's new meds are not FDA approved and thus have to come from Europe...we are not importing anything that Granny wouldn't approve of!)

My friend, K (you know who you are), was aching for a Recap, so here you go! I'm waiting for your blog to show up any day now!

Who says a stay at home mom doesn't work?

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