Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mickey Mouse sends his sincere thanks for your large contribution to his retirement account

We are finally home from what was a very tiring getaway! Randy had IBS in Orlando (which in my world is known as "Irritable Bowel Syndrome", but in his community just stands for the International Builder's Show!) Either way, I snicker every time I say it! I practically begged him to find me a t-shirt that said, "I had IBS in 2011" but apparently there were none to be found. Who knew?

The kiddos and I spend some time with Granny and Papa, then met Daddy at Disney! We spent a day at Magic Kingdom and the next day at Animal Kingdom. I'm not sure who was more tired: us or the kids!
Day One: Magic Kingdom!

We rode all our favorite rides!

We saw all our favorite characters!

And we ended the night with a fireworks show!

And 1 sleepy girl! I thought for sure she would fall right off that stroller!

Day Two: Animal Kingdom!

I'm pretty sure Charlotte has her hand up his nose!

Quickly after we arrived, we realized there was a "DinoLand" inside the park. That was right up Garrett's alley! We ended up leaving with a few huge dinosaurs that are quite scary--his favorite are the meanest ones !

We rode a triceratops ride while Daddy and Papa rode something similar to a tilt-a-whirl / roller coaster. Needless to say, I'll stick with the triceratops!

We saw some tigers in "Asia."

And some monkeys too!

Charlotte wore herself out pretty quickly this day while we were waiting for the safari ride in "Africa"!

There was also an AMAZING Finding Nemo show. I got in trouble taking these pictures, so you'd better enjoy the contraband! I didn't use a flash (they said "No flash photography"), but the guy called me down anyway!
We had an awesome time: cool weather, no waiting in lines--January is the time to go to Disney!


Alli said...

Awww--looks like y'all had a blast! I want to go back already! Next year, you HAVE to make your own IBS T-shirt. It would be fun just to watch all the people who snicker as they walk past you :) And the ones who don' have to assume they were at the show!

Alli said...

Oh, and how did you make those Nemo pics turn out? Mine are never clear without a flash... Do share that little photography secret, please?

Jessica said...

What an awesome trip! I laughed so hard at the IBS bit...we definitely need to find Randy a shirt!

mama said...

Oh beautiful grandbabies. LOVE YOU