Friday, July 2, 2010

Vacation Part 1

So, I'm a little behind! As soon as we were back from vacation, I left for Africa and after that things got even crazier!

You may be asking yourself "Why does she need to break up vacation stuff in more than 1 post?" But, I'm guessing you've read this blog before and know that I took well over 700 photos on vacation and can't just pick a few!

Here are some pics from the beach!

Garrett was rubbing wet sand all over himself, singing "I'm the Mud Man!"

There was a lot of Lazy Rivering going on that week!

The indoor pool was great when it got a little rainy.

Charlotte looks like she's auditioning for BayWatch!

Charlotte was learning to "go under" which meant she barely spashed her face in the water!

There is no vacation complete without someone getting buried in the sand!
That's just funny, people!

The End!


Erin said...

Great pictures!!! I love looking at your face knowing that was "pre-Africa." ;) LOVE the Baywatch shot and of course the Randy with boobies shot! You're right...that IS just funny!

Patty Dawn said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time - love the pics!!!